Logofolio 2016-2018

These are my logo design collection for a variety of clients. It is always challenging and fun for me to express worldview of brands with typography, metaphor.

Product Owner:
Brand Identity, Graphic Design
Stimpacks Logo


Stimpacks is a snack company which focus a young adult hardcore gamers. The logo combines the clan flag and thunderbolt symbols. A clan is a group of gamers that come together to accomplish some mission. Using the clan flag and a thunderbolt together symbolizes our mission to give gamers the boost they need.

Signifiant Logo


Signifiant is a French philosophical term, which is a signifier that is the vehicle of meaning. What feelings does Signifiant Inc. provoke to the entrepreneurs, who are the audience? My concept is “air”, like the atmosphere of an era, employee, corporate personality… People can’t see air, but it is a necessity for the living. And when the wind blows, we perceive the air. Let’s inspire new management wisdom into companies.

Remote Style Logo

Remote Style

Remote Style is a service that introduces remote employment opportunities to designers and engineers. The logo with a window motif sends the message to users that they can work wherever they wish.

Dear Media Logo

Dear Media

As people used to navigate around the world using only the stars in olden times, the logo with star signs motif was designed in the hope that it becomes a signpost in the information society.

Weekend Creator Logo

Weekend Creator

Yuka Ohishi is a video creator, delivers helpful tips for a creative activity for both digital and analog on YouTube. #weekendcreator is her movement to support anyone in their weekend creative work. The logo was inspired by a physical pencil, paired with the pen tool in Adobe products.