Remote Style 2016

I created the visual identity and website for Remote Style, a service that introduces remote employment opportunities to designers and engineers. I aimed to give the entire site the appearance of a travel magazine including the logo with a window motif that sends the message to users that they can work wherever they wish.

Product Owner:
Caster, Inc.
Art Direction, Web Design


It is easy for designers and engineers to feel cooped up in a room because they are stuck in front of computer screens for long periods of time. However, they can eliminate this feeling by controlling their work environment with the scenery outside their window, which is one of the merits of working remotely. I combined the capital letters R and S because I wanted to create a logo that conveyed the message that users can work Remotely with the Scenery of their choosing.

Remote Style concept
Remote Style logo

Web Design

I chose to put a large window as the main visual and a background with a slideshow of scenery pictures that changed automatically. The entire site was designed to look like a travel magazine that used red as the point color and a soft beige for the background color.

Remote Style main visual
Remote Style desktop version
Remote Style mobile version


Remote Style banner for Facebook