Amazarashi Music Video 2015

Amazarashi is a Japanese rock band that continues to question modern society through its songs. I designed a user interface for their music video during my period at SIX, creative agency in Tokyo, Japan.

Product Owner:
Sony Music Entertainment
UI Design

Seasons die one after another

The song is the ending theme song of Tokyo Ghoul, a Japanese anime. In the music video, 20 kilograms of raw meat were cut by a laser cutter to form lyrics. I designed the user interface of the laser cutter.

Seasons die one after another1
Seasons die one after another2
UI design for the laser cutter in the music video

Digging Holes

I designed the user interface of a printer that appears in the music video. It is called The Lonely Crowd System, prints tweets what tweeted "I want to die" in a sea of trees.

Digging Holes1
Digging Holes2
Digging Holes3
Digging Holes4